Advancing Education

AMAR works to provide quality education to children and adults, with a focus on girls and women.

We provide access to safe, quality learning environments. We run kindergartens, operate primary schools, and help students attain their graduation certificates.







AMAR provides support to both primary and secondary schools


We build and rehabilitate educational facilities for communities in need, ensuring access to safe, clean classrooms and provide additional infrastructure in an environment conducive to successful learning.


After completing our education courses, students obtain official qualifications approved by the Ministry of Education to help integrate them back into the mainstream education system or secure eligibility for employment.


As part of our comprehensive education package, AMAR runs childcare facilities for the poorest families in society allowing their parents, especially mothers, the freedom to take part in crucial training sessions.


We deliver after school tutoring to allow children the time and space required outside of school hours to go over lessons and receive additional help with subjects they might find challenging.


We work closely with the Ministry of Education to run a variety of continuing education programs for adults ranging from literacy and numeracy courses to trainings for national exams and qualifications.


We work with local community, tribal and religious leaders to help them better understand the tools and functions of leadership and provide practical training in areas like public speaking to help advocate for their communities.

Danya, AMAR Primary School Student in Erbil

“I love coming to school! My teacher is so nice, and I learn new things every day. Because of her, I want to be a teacher when I grow up. My best friend wants to be a doctor, so we pretend to play at ‘jobs’ after school!”
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