Where does the name AMAR come from?

In 1991 the regime of Saddam Hussein began persecuting the Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq, draining the marshes and attacking the villages. After a visit to the region, Founder & President Baroness Emma Nicholson launched an appeal – Assisting Marsh Arabs & Refugees – to send much needed relief. Almost 25 years later, her mission continues. Our work has evolved far beyond the original efforts, but we keep the name “AMAR” which translates as “the builder” in some Arabic dialects to remind us of our central mission – rebuilding lives.

Where is AMAR based? How do the global offices work together?

AMAR was founded in 1991 by Baroness Nicholson as the one-off AMAR (Assisting Marsh Arabs and Refugees) Appeal, a fundraising drive to send much-needed relief to the thousands of Marsh Arabs fleeing persecution and the draining of the southern Iraqi marshlands in the aftermath of the first Gulf War.

Due to the scale of the need among the Marsh Arab refugees the one-week AMAR Appeal became a registered British charity, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation.

In January 2010 the AMAR International Charitable Foundation in the United States of America (AMAR U.S.) was incorporated in the District of Columbia as an American affiliate of AMAR ICF. AMAR U.S. also has a regional office in Utah.

AMAR U.S. is a legally separate affiliate from AMAR ICF, of which AMAR Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen are registered extensions, AMAR U.S. projects in the Middle East are conducted through AMAR ICF on a sub-grantee basis.

All AMAR affiliates work to deliver services on a sustained and lasting basis to underserved populations, refugees and internally displaced persons in the Middle East and North Africa region and South Asia.


Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations are 100% tax-deductible because we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. AMAR’s EIN is 27-1871182. In compliance with our Donor Accountability Policy, (1) AMAR will not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations and (2) AMAR will only share personal information once the donor has given the charity specific permission to do so.

How does my donation or the money I have raised make a difference?

Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to the viability and sustainability of our work. It costs approximately $1.50 to provide an essential medical consultation to someone who has little-to-no access to healthcare. Whether you’re making a contribution of $10 or $10,000 – your support has the power to transform a life.

Can I choose to donate money to a specific project, country or item?

Yes. You can always specify where you would like your donation to go. AMAR U.S. provides a range of valuable healthcare and education services and your donation will generally go wherever the need is greatest, however we can always try to cater to your specific requests.

Will I receive an acknowledgement of my gift?

Occasionally the sheer volume of donations can prevent us from sending an acknowledgment letter for each individual donation, but we strive to recognize the gift of every donor within 1 week of your contribution. If you made a donation and did not receive a tax-deductible acknowledgement via mail or email, please contact the AMAR U.S. office and we will be sure to send you a receipt for your records.

Donors that have set up a monthly recurring gift will receive a summary acknowledgment letter at the end of the year.

I live outside the US. How can I donate?

You can donate online or by bank transfer. Please visit our Donate Page for more information about how to process your international gift.

How do I cancel my donation?

If you would like to stop a donation just after you send it or a monthly direct debit donation, the easiest way is to get in touch with your bank. For a donation that has already been made, we can organize a refund if you wish.

Can I make an in-kind donation to AMAR?

We are unable to accept in-kind gifts such as blankets, food and medical equipment at this time. International shipping costs and customs regulations make it very difficult for AMAR to send and distribute donated items abroad. Additionally, our model seeks to rebuild communities and keep project costs low – therefore, we try to procure supplies in-country to support the local economy whenever possible.

(1) If you’d like to make a contribution to purchase specific items for the communities we support OR (2) If you have valuable goods or services that you would like to contribute to AMAR to be used in an upcoming auction, raffle, or special event, please contact the AMAR U.S. office.

Legal Disclaimer
AMAR International Charitable Foundation in the United States of America (AMAR U.S.) is a non-profit corporation registered in the District of Columbia. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that contributions to AMAR U.S. are tax-exempt under the provisions of IRS regulation 501(c )(3) to the extent permitted by law.

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