With support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, AMAR will launch a new water replenishment project to improve water quality in the Iraqi marshlands, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The Marshes

Located in the southern part of the country, the Iraqi Marshlands are a rare wetland within a desert landscape. The historic marshlands used to cover an area of up to 3,725 square miles around the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. But during the Saddam Hussein regime, the marshlands were almost completely drained, and the size of the wetlands were vastly reduced.

Today, the waterways have been reopened and the unique marshland environment is slowly being brought back to life. AMAR has long been an advocate for the survival of the Mesopotamian Marshes and its people. With support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, we’ll be launching a new water replenishment project in the East Hammar Marshes to improve water quality and help preserve the ecosystem of this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Water Buffalo in the Marshlands


About the Project

AMAR’s replenishment project will use an all-natural reedbed system to treat domestic sewage and wastewater. Contaminated water will flow through a natural system of reeds and papyrus. Once filtered, the cleaned water will be redirected to the river, where it will flow into and recharge the marshes. All elements of the project will be carried out in close coordination with the Basra Directorate of the Environment, who will take on the sustainable management of the reedbeds once the system has been installed.

The implementation of this replenish project will help reduce the pollutant levels in the water of the marshes, improve the natural habitat, and encourage the conservation of this vital ecosystem – altogether making it safer for nearby communities to utilize and live alongside the unique marshland environment.

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