June 10th is Children’s Day in the U.S. – a day to celebrate and promote the welfare of children all around the world. AMAR delivers essential healthcare, education, and psycho-social support to tens of thousands of children each year. And on this day, we celebrate their strength and resilience.

Since 2014, more than 3 million Iraqis have been displaced by conflict and forced to flee their homes – almost half of them are children.

Displaced children and their families often live in crowded camps and other temporary shelters where they face difficult living conditions, with limited access to essential supplies. Many displaced children have experienced severe trauma over the years, which threatens their long-term mental health and future development. And of those displaced, nearly one-third are also out of school, missing valuable years of education and growth.

At AMAR we believe in the power of youth and are rebuilding lives by investing in the next generation of Iraqi leaders. AMAR currently operates and supports more than 200 kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools across Iraq. These schools offer children a safe place to learn, play, and grow.

Children like five-year-old Idris, pictured above.

When Idris and his family had to flee their home in Mosul due to the invasion of ISIS, he was just a toddler. Even after reaching safety with his family Idris struggled because of his experience. He became incredibly shy and never spoke. Many young Iraqi children, like Idris, who have experience trauma at such a young age struggle to express themselves, often becoming introverted.

But when Idris started attending classes at an AMAR kindergarten, he slowly began to heal. With help from his kindergarten teacher, Idris was able to gain confidence and has now gone on to make many friends in his class. He loves coming to kindergarten now, and one of his favorite things to do is play with the other children.

“I love coming to school so I can play Spiderman with my friends!” he said.

AMAR Kindergartens give displaced and underserved children in Iraq a safe space to be a kid while they learn. This children’s day, we invite you to pledge your support to Idris and the tens of thousands of children like him by making a gift to AMAR. Your support helps rebuild lives by keeping children in school, providing essential psycho-social support, and delivering emergency supplies to families in need.

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