Providing Emergency Relief

AMAR works rapidly to respond to emergencies is among the first to arrive when disaster strikes.

We ensure displaced families and other under-served populations have access to safe water, food, hygiene products, and blankets in emergency situations. We are careful to target women and children who are often the most vulnerable in emergencies. 







Received essential supplies like food boxes and blankets in 2016


We deploy primary healthcare teams to treat those wounded in disasters and to ensure those with chronic conditions or other health problems have access to the health services they need.


We distribute food, clothes and blankets to refugees and IDPs. All items are sourced locally by a procurement task force where possible and transported to strategic local warehouses for delivery.


We organize and run regular educational and vocational trainings for displaced adults and children to ensure that a humanitarian crisis has as little impact on their long-term future as possible.


We ensure communities have access to clean water through purification projects within camps, rehabilitation of pumping stations and treatment plants, and the provision of reverse osmosis units.


We help rebuild waste disposal infrastructure by distributing garbage cans, using specially designed trucks to remove waste, and constructing and refurbishing sewage treatment plants.


When a community’s crisis recovery could take years, we refurbish and construct new healthcare and educational facilities to enable the sustained provision of vital services.

Dhalfaa, AMAR Gynecologist in Khanke Camp

“I’m originally from Mosul, but when ISIS arrived my family fled and now I live in Khanke Camp with my husband and our nine-year-old daughter. Our house in West Mosul has been completely destroyed by the fighting, and there’s nothing left for us there any longer.

Here at AMAR’s clinic, I see over 150 women every day – there’s always a huge line outside my door. Without this clinic, there would be no support and the situation would be much, much worse.”

Legal Disclaimer
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