Promoting Human Rights

AMAR works to inform all Iraqis of their national rights as well as their universal human rights.

We host workshops to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and communities to discuss religious tolerance. We counter gender-based violence and promote women’s rights.






Participated in ground-breaking religious tolerance courses in 2016



Through our Human Rights Documentations Initiative, we are building capacity within Iraqi civil society to document and address human rights violations. We train documentors to aid in future transitional justice initiatives.



We combat gender-based violence through public advocacy campaigns and community workshops, and provide legal counsel, psycho-social support, and ongoing social work services to women that have been victimized.



We bring together religious leaders and community members from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to discuss religious tolerance. We promote solidarity and harmony across the communities we serve.



We host a variety of workshops and lectures throughout Iraq to inform people about their rights. We encourage civic participation and work with communities to better understand legal rights and how to address challenges.


We work with the Iraqi government to tackle human rights abuses in prisons. Working with both guards and prisoners, we deliver essential human rights and rule of law trainings to improve quality of life for inmates.


We support lawyers and social workers at centers throughout Iraq that provide pro bono and reduced cost legal counseling and advice to victims of sexual violence, human rights victims, and other under-served communities.

Nadiya, AMAR Beneficiary in Northern Iraq

“Life under ISIS was terrible. Soldiers constantly used to pull out clumps of my son’s hair. It was just for amusement, they thought it was really funny. Now he is absolutely terrified of men. There was also no healthcare available for us, and as it got colder my son and newborn daughter were getting sicker and sicker.

Eventually, we were able to escape. It was a terrifying journey and I was worried about the fate of my children, but immediately AMAR was right there, ready to help them. I am so relieved to see them both recovering, my nightmare is nearly over.”

Legal Disclaimer
AMAR International Charitable Foundation in the United States of America (AMAR U.S.) is a non-profit corporation registered in the District of Columbia. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that contributions to AMAR U.S. are tax-exempt under the provisions of IRS regulation 501(c )(3) to the extent permitted by law.

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