Empowering Women
& Girls

AMAR believes gender equality is a fundamental human right and we are committed to fighting discrimination against women.

We target programs toward female heads of households. We educate and mentor female entrepreneurs and women health volunteers. All of our projects feature strong female leaders.






Receive monthly home health visits by AMAR’s Women Health Volunteers



We train local women as community health workers to deliver advice, public health education and basic care to thousands of families every month – benefitting patients and providers, and empowering women.



Our Inclusive Vocational Entrepreneurship and Skills Training Centers provide men and women with job-skills training courses in high-demand industries such as IT, hair-dressing, sewing, English, and more.



Programs like our Network for Economic Empowerment of Women in Iraq (NEW Iraq) provide vulnerable women with training and mentoring to enhance and develop job skills and employment opportunities.


We promote equal education opportunities for girls of all ages. We’ve opened a state-of-the-art girls school in Basra, Iraq, and advocate for the importance of keeping girls in school across the country.



We combat gender-based violence through public advocacy campaigns and community workshops, and provide legal counsel, psycho-social support, and ongoing social work services to women that have been victimized.


We provide women with access to reproductive help, advice and treatment, including access to a female doctor where possible, family planning advice and private consultations about puberty.

Khadia, AMAR Sewing Graduate in Shariya

“My family is originally from Sinjar. In 2014, we had to abandon our house to escape ISIS. My dad died on the journey, so now it’s my mom, me, and my twelve siblings.

As the oldest child, I knew it was up to me to support everyone so I enrolled in AMAR’s sewing course. It taught me the skills I needed to set up my own fashion business sewing clothes for women and girls. It’s been growing every day and now I even have my own workshop. I absolutely love my job, and can’t wait for my business to expand!”

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