AMAR Foundation gives direct support to Ukrainian refugees in Romania

AMAR foundation is mobilised to support Ukrainian families, children and refugees currently moving across the Romanian border. With an extensive network of schools, teachers and mayors in Romania, AMAR can mobilise support not only to provide care and expertise but needs specific medical provisions for special needs schools in both Ukraine and Romania.

Already 46,435 Ukrainian refugees are in Romania including 18,000 children.

As the fighting intensifies, more Ukrainian refugees need emergency medical aid and we have been asked by two hospitals in Ukraine to obtain drugs and medical equipment, which can be purchased in Romania and transported quietly over the border to West Ukraine.

The Sighetu Marmatiei mayor, a trusted friend of AMAR, has been in contact with these hospitals and has collated an initial list of their urgent operational requirements.

Their most immediate need is for:

  • heavy duty first aid / trauma kits
  • bandages, haemostatic/burn dressings
  • wound dressings,
  • bandages
  • hydrogel, foam, alginate, iodine, hydrocolloid, and medical grade honey dressings
  • chest decompression equipment for pneumothorax treatment,
  • emergency treatment mats,
  • thermal and regular blankets.

The hospitals are also need additional emergency supplies of specific drugs (details available on request).

AMAR is also working across the Ukrainian border with the help from Sighetu Marmatiei school for children with Special Needs (handicapped mentally and physically) in Romania and a Special Needs School in Ukraine.

The schools need clothes, bedding and food for the children that they are helping.

The border is still open, we can quietly transport goods from Romania into the Ukraine.

AMAR teams are still quantifying the need but can use all the funding you could give us.

Baroness Nicholson (AMAR’s President) says ‘ The situation for Ukrainian refugee children is dire. They face uncertainty, vulnerability, and hardship, let alone access to medical aid and basic nutrition. Our trained and caring network stands ready to help them as a sanctuary from the ruthlessness of war. We desperately need more resources and money to buy simple provisions and medicine. Please help these children now’

AMAR is urgently accepting donations through our Total giving site here

Only 10% of any donation goes to overhead costs,90% goes direct to recipients.

Please contact AMAR Foundation on ( for further contact and comment.

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