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Their Customer Service Centre said: ‘Regarding the question concerning animal testing in general, by law new medicines are required to be tested on animals before they can advance to phase testing on human volunteers in clinical trials.’


These are usually constructed to be very durable and the materials are used accordingly. Most of the times, these materials are reusable. While transporting, the animals should not get hurt. So, it is absolutely necessary to build comfortable cages or car

Your pet is nothing less than a kid for you.
They help in reducing stress and anxiety. Having a pet has many benefits. So, you may want to take them wherever you go. If you want to go for a holiday or to a function at the relative’s place, you would love to carry your pets with you. With advanced animal cages, it is really possible with


to construct different types of cages. This assures that the animals which will be carried will be in safe condition. Especially in the zoos, where there is a need of carrying heavy animals, almost on daily basis, these advanced cages are very important. Ventilation is also kept in mind all the


Today, the animal cages manufacturers use so many advanced techniques and designs, which are very comfortable for the pets as well as for owners. Carrying or transferring the pets has become easier than

A freedom of information request on animal studies performed for COVID-19 vaccines to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said that by law, medicines are ‘required to be tested on animals’.

n Digital coins are the rave of the moment, and many African investors now bank on the opportunity to turn huge profits from relatively little investments coupled with perseverance and knowing the right time to trade them.
But in the same vein, there is a growing number of online fraudsters looking to scam unsuspecting investors of their hard-earned coin

First of all, cryptocurrencies unlike other forms of exchange cannot actually be stolen, but an online fraudster can trick a hapless user into exchanging digital coins for local fiat currency, but the payment never gets delivere

Lately, there have been reports from users about the proliferation of these online scams – Usually, a scammer introduces himself as a wealthy person in possession of a large portfolio of coins and will usually offer to sell some units to the victim at a ridiculously low price, or the other way around – Offering the user a lot of money after receipt of an agreed amount of coin

The rare copy of the Constitution is going up for auction on Nov. 18. Sotheby’s, which is conducting the auction, expects the copy to sell for between $15 million and $20 million. This copy of the Constitution is an official first edition, which Sotheby’s says is even rarer than a first edition of the Declaration of Independence. 

The small forward party of British soldiers, thought to number about ten, will help Polish forces strengthen their border with Belarus, where as many as 4,000 migrants, Situs Judi Slot Gampang Menang mainly from Iraq, Syria and Yemen, have gathered hoping to cross into Europe.

Another 15,000 migrants are thought to be in Belarus and heading for the border, having been brought in from the Middle East to flood into Europe by president Alexander Lukashenko in revenge for EU sanctions

Sotheby’s says the copy going up for auction is one of 13 surviving copies of the official edition of the US Constitution. The copy was purchased from Sotheby’s by real estate developer S. Howard Goldman in 1988 for $165,000. Dorothy Tapper Goldman, Goldman’s widow, is the current owner. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation.

A DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is a protocol, essentially a set of automated rules that runs in a blockchain environment. In this case, the ConstitutionDAO allows individuals to buy tokens that come with “governance” concerning the fate of the constitutional copy, should the DAO be successful in its bid during Thursday’s auction. 

When you are shifting to a new place or when you are going outside, you can carry your pets in a comfortable way. There are soft carriers which are the best. Even when you want to carry them on a flight with you, these comfortable carriers are the best. The animal cages manufacturers get a huge demand for these types.
They use steel, wood and even plastic for making

For bigger animals, there are cages with wheels. These are extremely helpful for the trappers of zoos who trap wild animals. The animal cages manufacturers use waterproof carriers, wire mesh, folded metal wires, adjustable walls, warming systems

Although a hard-core online fraudster will go the extra mile to create a complete and genuine-looking profile on sites like NairaEx or ICE3X, there will often be limited timeline of activity on the person’s profile, because they would need to abscond quickly and close the account to avoid being reporte

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