AMAR schools have been constructed and run to serve, support, and empower the more needy people in Basra, including many orphans on scholarships.

The schools (primary and secondary) spent a large proportion of the last academic year teaching online, due to Ministry of Education lockdowns.

The Iraqi Ministry of Education decided that the teaching during this academic year, 2021-2022, will be through pupils/students physical attendance to the classes 4 days/ week and online 1 day/week, to start in early November.  Accordingly, the AMAR field staff have been busy, and following preparatory activities have been accomplished:

  1. Refurbish/rehabilitate all the defects in the building
  2. Fix all the broken computers and smart boards
  3. Fix all the desks
  4. Clean and sanitize the classrooms
  5. Prepare the education textbooks
  6. Prepare all the required stationary to be distributed to the pupils/students
  7. Advertising physically and on the social media to encourage parents to bring their children to join the schools

When the Ministry of Education announce the date of starting the new academic year, 1 November 2021, the school managements asked their pupils/students to attend the schools in 19 October to receive their share of textbooks, uniform and stationary and to be informed about their classrooms.

With the shift from online teaching to attendance teaching for this coming year, it seems that there is a good attraction of the needy pupils/students to join AMAR schools as numbers of new registering children are growing.

With all thanks to Basra Gateway Terminal for kindly sponsoring the refurbishment of the Orphans’ schools during the summer recess.



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