There is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Iraq. More than eight million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, and three million more have been driven from their homes by war. Those who have remained have faced execution, torture, rape, sexual abuse and forced religious conversion.

Even for those families who have managed to escape, the battle to survive is not over. They need access to shelter, clean water, food, sanitation, medical treatment, blankets, clothing and cooking utensils. But this is only the start. As this continues, longer term assistance must be provided to prevent the crisis getting worse, such as vaccinations to prevent epidemics, medication to treat chronic health conditions and access to schooling for children.

AMAR is one of the few organisations working on the ground in Iraq to help those ordinary families who have been forced to flee, and we are doing what we can on the ground.

But we can only deliver this aid with your help.

AMAR has developed a model that employs only local people when delivering projects in developing countries. With around 1,700 Iraqis working in Iraq at the start of the crisis, AMAR is uniquely placed to deliver the aid successfully.

And as a partner of the United Nations agencies coordinating the response, AMAR is able to deliver aid at the right place and the right time to those most in need.

AMAR has worked with Iraqi refugees since 1991 and is committed to working with them until assistance is no longer required. In the meantime the immediate need is great and urgent.

Please give all you can to support this work and help those in desperate need of help.

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